Bruchless Motors

Brushless Motor Technology

  • 12 volt and 24 volt
  • Very long life- Dual ball bearing, no brushes
  • High efficiency at all speeds
  • Customized Speed vs Input Signal via software
  • Analog or digital control signal
  • Can bus or Lin Capable
  • Different performance options available up to 400W
  • Rugged design, high power density motor
  • Low acoustic noise, cogging torque and Low EMI
  • Soft stall and locked rotor protection
  • Reverse and overvoltage protection
  • Over temperature protection and 2 stage fold-back protection
  • Customizable Vehicle feedback signal

Design & Testing

Bruchless Motors

Sound Booth

We have the ability to draft full test reports showing the data throughout the frequencies and we can isolate the patterns within the motor noise, pin pointing noise generators (i.e. brush to comm, brush to tube, etc). Allowing us to understand, redesign and rectify customer complaint issues and/or customer noise level requirements.

Bruchless Motors

CMM & 3D Print Lab

This small lab is able to CMM measure the part, transfer to 3D modelling software (Solidworks) make adjustments and then 3D print a version for final checks prior to cutting tool steels at a component supplier.

Testing & Validation Capability

  • Performance
    – Dynamometer
    – Airflow Chamber
  • Life Test & Durability
    – High Speed 1000hrs
    – Program Load 3000hrs
    – Accelerated at 52⁰C 500hrs
    – Low speed 500hrs
    – Cooling Fan 100⁰C 1000hrs
  • Vibration
    – 24hrs / sine / random / shock -40 to 120⁰C
  • Acoustic noise
  • Spin to Burst Blower Wheel
  • EMI comparison
    – Radiated & Conducted
  • Low Temperature Start
    – Demagnetization -40⁰C or -50⁰C
    – Noise and start up testing
  • Dust Testing
  • Water Spray
    – SAE J1145 Water Jet
    – CSA C22.2 Rain
  • Military
    – US Tank – Submersion
    – Thermal Shock
    – Water Jet